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  • Akcome won the " Excellence Award of English ESG Disclosure "!

    Akcome 2024-01-12 0 times

    On January 11, the New Energy Finance and Strategic Innovation Development Forum-International ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) Investment and Financing and Strategic Innovation Special Event, hosted by and Solarbe Consulting, Tansuo Capital Co., Ltd. and Design Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., was officially opened in Suzhou. As one of the representative enterprises in clean energy, Akcome actively practices the ESG concept, step up the deployment of ESG strategies, and wins the Solar Energy Cup Excellent Award for Excellence Award of English ESG Disclosure in PV with its sustainable corporate ecological power.



    Photovoltaics is an important industry to address climate change and promote energy transformation. In recent years, with the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous reduction of costs, Chinese photovoltaic companies have gradually occupied the global market high ground by continuously supplying high-quality products in the global market, leading the global photovoltaic industry to flourish. As one of the leading companies in the photovoltaic industry, Akcome actively responded to the government's guidance on gradually shifting from energy consumption "double control" to carbon emission "double control", and is committed to promoting the significant improvement of China's energy utilization efficiency and the continuous reduction of carbon dioxide emission intensity. Based on the international social policy orientation and the responsibility of enterprises themselves, Akcome has implemented the ESG concept in a sustainable way from multiple dimensions such as social responsibility, public welfare, research and development innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, sustainable procurement and employee welfare.

    While adhering to the industrial layout of N-type high-efficiency photovoltaics with HJT efficient technology as the core, Akcome has partnered with employees, customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders to build an intelligent green energy ecosystem. At the same time, it actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, supports green rural revitalization, and contributes to economic and social development. As an important measure for sustainable development, Akcome focuses on low-carbon management throughout the product lifecycle. From raw material procurement, module production, to use and recycling disposal, Akcome insists on implementing low-carbon management. In the product design stage, Akcome optimizes product structures and process plans to achieve emission reduction. Akcome's HJT cell technology is committed to researching and developing thinner cell process, surface microcrystallization process, less silver paste process, and indium-free TCO to significantly reduce upstream carbon emissions. In the procurement stage, Akcome gave priority to lower carbon emissions raw material suppliers and strengthens close cooperation with upstream suppliers to jointly research and develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly raw materials. In the manufacturing stage, Akcome continues to promote energy conservation and resource utilization efficiency to reduce carbon emissions in the production process. In the product use stage, Akcome insists on continuous innovation. Based on advantages such as high efficiency, high bifacial rate, low degradation, and low LCOE, Akcome's HJT series modules can generate more electricity and replace traditional fossil fuel power generation, reducing carbon emissions at the customer end. In the recycling stage, Akcome adopts modular design using recyclable materials and actively explores and establishes a recycling system to improve product recyclability. As of 2023, Akcome has shipped a total of 18 GW globally, providing clean electricity to about 5.5 million households for 22.8 billion kWh, reducing carbon emissions by 21.6 million tons, which is equivalent to planting 840 million trees on earth.


    During the conference, at a roundtable discussion on the topic of "How to seize the challenges and opportunities of low-carbon transformation," Zhang Di, vice president of the marketing department of the Akcome Marketing Center, said that As the ESG concept is widely accepted by the market, the ESG performance of enterprises is being paid attention to by stakeholders from all walks of life. The boundary between enterprises and the market has been redefined. As a strategic emerging industry for China's economic and social development, the photovoltaic industry should shoulder more social responsibility to address the increasingly severe challenges of climate change and environmental pollution. Akcome has been practicing the ESG concept by taking corresponding sustainable strategies and plans. We believe that only by focusing on the ESG sustainable development concept can we maintain a long-term competitive advantage in this wave of low-carbon transformation.

    Akcome has deeply realized that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors will no longer be external issues for enterprises. Only enterprises that pay attention to external issues and internalize them can develop steadily in the future. In the future, Akcome will continue to practice ESG concepts, uphold the style of a large enterprise, shoulder more social responsibility, and strive to become a future-oriented and pioneering enterprise.


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